Danielle Talamini

NEW YORK, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Rock / Americana
2009 Independent Music Awards Vox Populi Winner, Best Country Album

International Song Competition Finalist, “Pack My Bags”

Top 10 on the RMR “Roots Country” chart for 30+ weeks as of June 2009

Top 10 on the New York Roots Radio Airplay Chart as of June 2009

Reached 55 on the Americana Radio chart in 2009

Top 10 tracks of 2008, Bear Country Radio WQBR 99.9 – “Pack My Bags”

Top 20 Favorite Songs of 2008, KRFC 88.9 Thursday Morning Mix -- "Pack My Bags"

Top 100 Most Requested Songs of 2008 (57), TOSSM Radio– “Pack My Bags”

Routes and Branches blog

"Among other highlights, 2008 introduced us to the unique sound of Fleet Foxes, surprised us with promising new artists like Star Anna and Danielle Talamini, as well as stronger-than-expected offerings by stalwarts Ryan Adams and Drive-By Truckers."


"Exquisite songs and beautiful voice"


“The first thing that struck this reviewer was the voice, strong, soulful and expressive. But far more importantly her lyrics are serious, intelligent and literate.dark, brooding, hard hitting. There are no bubbles, no saccharine in what she writes. In Talamini we have a writer whose concerns go far deeper than merely wanting to know Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under. The Road Rises is not what one would expect from a country album. It cannot simply be played as background music. In order to fully appreciate the strength of the writing, it needs to be listened to intently.”


"Her voice is pure and full of emotion and reminds me of Patty Griffin.A strong debut for this New York nightingale."

Country Jukebox

"Anyone who values singer/songwriters like Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Patty Griffin, Tift Merritt or Joy Lynn White will quickly start to like Danielle Talamini's music. Americana fans should take the opportunity to welcome this charming newcomer."


"She looks fantastic and has an incredibly beautiful voice that vaguely reminds you of Patty Griffin. But above all, she writes exquisite songs. That is Danielle Talamini in a nutshell: an exceptionally promising new singer song writer. Someone who has maiden release material like the "deluxe" roots rocker "Pack My Bags" or the soulful memory engraving "Save Me" should not fear the future. And we did not even mention the truly killer song "Mercury Running" yet, that burns a hole into your heart like a simmering cigarette on a carpet! This Talamini is definitely here for the long run."

Indie Sounds NY

"***** (5 Stars) & Album of the Month"

Torchy Blaine, Americana Music Director, WDVR

"This girl is a STAR! Wow! Her voice, her delivery, the melodies, and WHAT A SONGWRITER! Listening to this album is an absolute pleasure. Danielle is gonna give Tift Merritt some company, and that's a great thing!!!

DJ Larry T, WIKX 92.9 Kix Country

"Danielle Talamini -- the Next Big Thing."

Philip Corder, Music Director, TOSSM Radio

"Pack My Bags is a hit!"

Scott Foley, Programmer, KRFC 88.9

"Looking for something unexpected? Try 'The Road Rises' by Danielle Talamini. Self-released, but much better than most of what the major labels are churning forth."

Pete Harris, Music Director, Harris Radio

"Superb Americana"

The Country Start Page

"The Road Rises and so will Danielle's star"

Daily Freeman

"Timeless and true, full of grace and gravity"




She calls her music “country for city kids,” and she may be on to something there. Danielle might have a New York City address, but she is more country than most of the sound alike singers in Nashvegas these days. And if you listen to her compelling new CD “The Road Rises,” you’d swear her address was Route 66, USA.

The Road Rises was recorded in Austin, Texas by Dwight A. Baker (Brandi Carlile, Heart, Kelly Clarkson) and from the expansive “Save Me,” empowering and peppy “Pack My Bags,” haunting “Already Gone,” and the driving title track “The Road Rises,” Talamini sings in a way you haven’t heard before, but want to hear again. It’s a voice vulnerable yet confident, sultry and strong, with breathy, understated phrasing to die for.

Stocked with literate lyrics and clever melodies, The Road Rises echoes Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” with its endless highways and horizons, and the promise of just what you’ve been looking for lurking right around the bend.

Timeless and true, full of grace and gravity, “The Road Rises” is done right, for the right reasons. The road that should be more traveled, you might say.

-David Malachowski




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