Danielle Peck

Nashville, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Big Machine Records
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I grew up in Coshocton Ohio. Ever heard of it? If so, you are one of few. I have 2 great brothers and an amazing sister. My parents always told me I could do anything if I put my mind to it and work hard at it! They have been together over 30 years and that gives me hope. I used to make tapes when I was younger. I even drew the covers. I play guitar and piano. But only when I’m writing or in front of my closest friends. I never fully unpack my suitcase. I pretty much live on a bus that I share with 9 guys. Yeah…it’s tight. My friends say I talk too fast. I do. I am working on that though. Sometimes I get nervous in interviews. You can tell when I take the long way around to get to the answer and then never get there. : ) It’s pretty funny when you listen back…well, maybe not to my label. Speaking of my label, that’s Big Machine Records. I love coffee. And lots of it. I recently discovered dried blueberries from Sam’s Club. They are my new addiction. Oh yeah, and I love french fries too. I know I am supposed to say salads. I do love salads, but I sometimes think french fries are my soul mate. Super size ‘em! I love to write music. I have some great co-writers and I love when I get to work with them. I want a family one day. I am a hopeless romantic and yes, it can get a girl in trouble. Sometimes my heart falls faster than it should. I love to text. That also gets me in trouble. Sometimes I text at inappropriate times but I am trying to work on that too. I can be feisty, but usually only when necessary. I like to get all dressed up. I love high heels and lip gloss…and hats…and purses…and jewelry…: ).I’m just a girl. I also spend a ton of time in my flip flops and tank tops and I’m not a big fan of socks. I am a fan of Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston. I also like to watch anything with Tom Hanks, Will Smith and Luke Wilson in it. I read the gossip magazines when I am at the airport and when I am home, Country Weekly is always on my coffee table. I tell the corniest jokes. Seriously…no one usually laughs but my best friend Christy. (Oh, and me!) : ) Did I mention I love run on sentences, fragments and smiley faces too? : )

I hope you will listen to some of my music and leave me a comment from time to time. I can't always respond, but I do always read!

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