London, Southwest, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Alternative / Experimental
Cafe Recordings
"From Drum & Bass to Ragga from Hip Hop to Broken Beats, if it bangs Dandy loves it."

Born of Jamaican heritage, reggae is a major influence in Dandy's muisc. Sound systems and Dancehall dj's were unforgettably inspirational. The likes of Proffessor Nuts, Lieutenant Stitchey and General Tree's are just a few artists who made an everlasting impression. Exposure to a vast array of other musical genre's influenced him further, adding to his appreciation of a diverse and eclectic mix.
Seeking musical challenges brought Dandy to the Drum & Bass scene where he entertained in various venues in the UK and Europe,
(If you heard him then you done know, if you did'nt, you missed out, and can catch the lick on various tapes/CD's ect.).
His close friendship with Cafe Recordings meant it was only a matter of time before he was working alongside and featuring on their releases. After numerous shows and a tour of Italy with Cafe, Dandy has also been working on solo projects. His versatility and style make for an interesting mix of tracks that are difficult to pigeon hole but appeal to all. Definitely new and original Watch out for his EP release & tracks on BIG PEOPLE's Album Coming very soon.
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