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We play mostly Western Swing tunes--favorites like Ida Red, San Antonio Rose, Milk Cow Blues, Take Me Back to Tulsa, and Big Balls in Cowtown. We try not to sound exactly like Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys but we don't mind when people make the comparison. After all, Bob Wills is still the King! Damian is a sensational fiddler so we tend to play Swing tunes that showcase his extraordinary talent. We also like to feature the skills of JD Pendley--one of the best jazz guitar players in Austin. Although we play mostly dance music, we also enjoy playing breakdown fiddle tunes like Draggin' the Bow and Limerock and jazzy, gypsy tunes like Fuli Tschai and Tchavolo Swing. Most importantly, we have a good time and keep the party going as long as the crowd and the lights are turned on.

Contact: Damian Green * PO Box 91883 * Austin, TX 78709-1883(email) damiangreen@hotmail.com

Damian Green Band performing at the Texas Natural and Western Swing Festival in San Marcos, TX, May 20, 2006.

Damian Green is a sensational fiddler known all around Texas for his dynamic stage performance. In his pre-teen years he was commonly referred to as Fiddle Boy, which was also the title of his first CD, released in the summer of 1999. In December, 2005, Damian and his band released their debut album entitled The Best of the Damian Green Band, a mixture of Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz, and Big Band Jazz tunes.

Damian has performed hundreds of times at festivals, oprys, jamborees, picnics, private parties, restaurants, coffeehouses, nightclubs, hospitals, nursing homes, and various benefits around the Lone Star State. He has shared the stage with local music artists such as Floyd Domino, Erik Hokkanen, Slim Richey, Bert Rivera, Johnny Gimble, Don Walser, the Cornell Hurd Band, and the Hot Club of Cowtown. Damian has opened shows for most of the above and others including Asleep at the Wheel, Alvin Crow, Tony Booth, Freddie Hart, Frenchie Burke, Dave Alexander, Leon Rausch, Bobby Flores, Wanda Jackson, and the legendary Ray Price.

Currently, Damian is touring with country singer Aaron Watson.

Damian has played on several radio shows, including the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium on the Air, a national KVOO radio show hosted by Larry Scott. He has had the privilege of performing at Western Swing festivals, where he gets to share the stage with the old Texas Playboys, outstanding fiddlers and band members who played with the great Bob Wills. Damian has been called the "reincarnation of Bob Wills" and "little Bob" because of the charismatic way he plays the fiddle and moves on stage. After listening to Bob Wills music and playing the fiddle since the age of three, Damian responds to remarks such as these with an enthusiastic Ahhh ha!
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