Biella, Biella, It
Artist / Band / Musician
Hard House / Techno / Electronica
Dj | Producer | Remixer for Activa Records
Resident Dj @ Insound Eventz - Italy
Doctor Zot starts to play music at 14 years old,
in these years he sperimented a lot of kind of sounds, from the Progressive to Techno, between Electro & Schranz, and finally Hardstyle.
In 1999 he create his Event Management & Public Relation's Staff, called Maximum Project, to organize for the first time big partyes in his town!
In 2001 he became resident dj of the famous Italian club DUE and here, with some friends in 2005 he create INSOUND, a concept of party dedicated to hard sound.
INSOUND is now one of the best organizations for the hard dance in ITALY and make big indoor & outdoor party in all the country!
In the last years, Doctor Zot has played in all the best italian clubs, and he has played Hardstyle & Techno also in France, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Finland, Bosnia and Los Angeles - USA!
Some of the best clubs where he has played are: Templares, Insomnia, DUE Cigliano, ECU, Bolgia, Domina, Shock, Dorian Gray, Florida, Alhambra, Parhasar, Titanic, Fortezza da Basso, Horus, Italghisa, Embassy, Duplè, La Gare, Chalet, Palladium. and of course the Street Parade of Zurich!
In 2007 he signed with dj Zenith, the Insound Compilation, "Hardstyle Religion" that contains his first hardstyle track called "Our Sound!"
In July 2008, he joined in Activa Records, one of the best Italian labels for the hardstyle, managed by the well known dj Activator and his first tracks on vinyl are: "Insound - The Anthem" and "The Power of the Evil". This vinyl is dedicated to his staff "INSOUND".
Now he is at work to create new hardstyle tracks, and new projects for Activa Records. Stay Tuned!
Doctor Zot (Massimiliano Bocchio Chiavetto)
alias: Doctor Zot, Dott. Zot, Massi Beyekey
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