Cuthbert 80

East London, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Other / Soul
Nine Music
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Spending most of his years in Forest Gate, East London, singer-songwriter

Cuthbert 80 entered the music scene relatively young and had much appreciation for all different styles of music.

Unfortunately, he also developed a passion for high speed trains such as TGV, Eurostar and the Japanese Shinkansen(Bullet Train). Even worse, it started to influence him musically, later on in his career. Other Cuthbert 80 influences would be NatWest(Bank), Pagani Zonda F(Car) and Kate Bush.

During the mid/late 80's, he first put pen to paper and wrote lyrics for him to rap to and developed his “style” as an artist. He made lots of poor quality mix tapes and gradually "improved" as a rapper.

1997 was the year when Dark Horse (Cuthbert 80’s stage name at the time) signed to Nine Music record label, and recorded a huge amount of material and performed a lot of it too.

In 1998, while still signed to Nine Music, he then thought he would 'have a crack' at singing and formed a vocal group of 4 members with his cousins.

They all worked obsessively hard to reach their goal of trying to become one of the greatest vocal groups of their time, however, in 2005 Dark Horse decided to leave the group and became a solo artist who is now known as Cuthbert 80.

Mr. 80 generally tends to shy away from delving too deep into describing his musical “sound” and what he is about, as he feels the music does the talking.

Cuthbert 80 has good ear lobes and he also likes orange juice.

For We Are Many.

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Cuthbert 80's finer things in life.
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