A Cuckoo

Leeds, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Acousmatic - Tape music
Le Grand Magistery
This project was started out of curiosity. I love curious things Ouija boards, Music boxes, Old photographs, Carousels, Clowns, Steam engines, Dolls even Qabalah, Sephardic culture, Persian history, Bulgarian folk music etc etc. I suffer badly from Nostalgia!! So I uploaded a couple of rough tunes here on myspace and then things became even more curious when a few dear people insisted that rather than spend my days doing curious things such as frequenting the circus, walking through quiet graveyards, exploring abandoned buildings, creeping through the deserted streets of Leeds at 3:12am or trying to master the art of the Yaki Soba. They suggested I should take some time out to finish an album. I did and it’s turned into quite a curiosity. It reminds me of silent films, of romantic séances, of alter egos and dusty roads to nowhere. It is now available from itunes (download) and Darla (physical) . .

"There is something reassuringly old fashioned about A Cuckoo, a singular individual who dwells on the Yorkshire Moors and has a fixation with sepia-toned Edwardiana, music boxes and the like. We hope that A Cuckoo’s forthcoming album will be available on 78. It would seem impolite if it wasn’t." MOJO Magazine

"great songs" Chris Difford - Squeeze

"the Agent Dale Cooper of songwriting" Alex Lee - Suede, Strangelove etc

"one hell of a batty album" Shawn Lee - Unkle, Clutchy Hopkins etc

"Everything he does is pure musical magic!" Rick May - Marc Almond, Depeche Mode etc

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