Crowns Of Kings

New Haven, Connecticut, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk / Metal


Crown Of Kings / Price of Pain

"Split EP"


$12.00 (USA)

$14.00 (International)

Crowns Of Kings has a hard-charging lineup, their ranks being filled with some of Connecticut's most poweful veterans as well as up and comers in the hardcore punk scene. Wes Fortier (crowns of kings frontman and guitarist of the legendary Death Threat) has put together the five piece machine that compromises Crown Of Kings to be a driving force of posivity. The bands new LP "Lifeline" is a 14 song onslaught on such subjects as suicide and turncoats, while promoting values such as loyalty and respect. Offering the positive outcome to even negative situations, the lyrics carry more than a view through one man's eyes, but a realistic interpretation of moving onwards and ever upwards—even in an enviroment and society that at times seems on the verge of collapse. Although only formed in 2006, Crowns Of Kings have seen a split CDEP with Massachusetts-based hardcore band Price Of Pain released in the United States on Reaper Records (Terror, Merauder, Trapped Under Ice), and also released in Europe on Dead Serious Recordings (Madball, 100 Demons). The band has also been playing live shows steadily including a 2007 US summer tour with long-time friends Phantoms (Martyr Records), and continue to grow as a band rapidly with each appearance, only getting better each time. Crowns Of Kings will appear in the summer of 2008 on large festivals in Florida, Philadelphia, Connecticut, North Carolina, and more. Full US and European tours are currently being scheduled, and this 5 man army will stop at nothing to be heard. Crowns Of Kings "Lifeline" will be available June 2008 on Reaper Records, and distributed worldwide. A guest appearance from Death Threat frontman Aaron Knuckles is also to be heard on the track "Heir To The Throne." New father Fortier aims to prove that although time passes and responsibilities grow, the individual still has an responsibility to the greater society at large. Leaving behind the scene that has saved him from despair more than once is not an option in his book. Crown Of Kings will continue this fight, they will make things work on their own terms. That has always been the point, hasn't it?


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