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Hello to all.

Hope this message finds you well. Just a quick update.

I Just Joined Twitter and Facebook so let's follow each other!

The info below about my program is still good that's why I haven't changed it

in a while! Sorry for not getting on here sooner but I've been out of the country a lot this year with very limited access to a computer!

So anyways join Twitter and Facebook!



This is for those of you who read and understand the opportunity that once again I offer to you!!!

Besides all the high profile people working along side Destiny Bridge Producers of Ozzy to Shania Twain,Grammy winning Producers ,Management company of KISS,DIO,Iron Maiden,Queensryche and moreWarner Bros.,Epic Records, Sony,songwriters who've worked directly along side Desmond Child.etc all who can walk a demo straight into a record dealno questions asked.with World-Wide Distribution.and you getting a decent cut of the action

I've been in the music industry's top level for over 20 years.and I've made some powerful friendsbecause I haven't, won't nor will screw anybody over.

I talked about a decent cut.what is a decent cut:

For exampleI.thru my program show you the qualities of writing and developing a Hit song and Band( normal equivalency of 500,000 units+

getting 50 cents to a dollar or more per unit sold.means $250,000- $500,000 to those who participate.

Not to mention a 70%/30% split (70% to you the artists) for a licensing deal.

A licensing deal just means that you record your CD with your control over the outcome of that CD.and a Independent or Major label puts it out World-Wide and you get 70%.

500,000 units paid on 70% is 500,000 units sold at at least $8.00 per unit

=$4,000,000X .70 (70%) = $2,800,000to YOU!

When I go to the screening process of the screening committee for the Grammy's.I will meet even MORE high profile individuals in the music industry and form alliances with them on your behalf.

I truly do not know what you are waiting for!!

Some one will see that this is truly an opportunity of a life time for all

unknown musicians all over the world and will be the next success story!

Remember.if you will a band called Benedictum.They are a Destiny Bridge Success story and just got thru performaing at the "Wacken" Festival in Germany a few weeks back in front of over 60,000 people with a CD out with World- Wide Distribution.

Sound good?

It could be you next!!!

Till Then!!! Craig




I finally caught up with the Myspace thing so forgive me

during my "rookie" phase of all this. So to all of you who've been contacting me recently, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I really do appreciate you all very much!

During this time that Ronnie is touring with Heaven and Hell, I've been involved in a few projects that you may or may not know about. One of them is that I've been writing and will record with Vocalist Doogie White (Rainbow/Ingwie Malmsteen) for his up-coming solo project. The stuff we are doing is really very cool!

My program Destiny Bridge, helping unknown musicians get the break they deserve.please check out the "Hello Everyone" (view more) and click on it and go to the section from me to get more info.

As you may all know by now I've joined up with a band called "Hydrogyn" and will be writing and recording for a new Cd to be released in Oct. 2007 then doing some dates with them as well. Please check out the press releases on this site for the detailsand if you're reading this for the first time.fear not DIO fans!

With all of my projects consuming most of my time, I have my assistant Nance (Nancy) helping me keep up with all your mail and requests because they are so important to me!

So in the meantime check out my website and let's all get busy !!!

It's your Time to Burn!!


DIO - "I"

DIO - "The Last In Line"

Hear N Aid - Stars

DIO - "King of Rock N Roll"


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