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PUBLISHED:  Jun 12, 2011
It's out! It's finally out! (sm14731092) This takes place in the year 983, the same year as Miniature Garden Girl and is one of the last to happen chronologically in the series besides Heartbeat Clocktower.

【983】ジャッジメントですの!【Avaritia】「地獄の沙汰も金次第」作詞・作曲・動画製作:mothy ( http://mothy.blog39.fc2.com/ )イラスト:ゆーりん ( http://www.ne.jp/asahi/happy/you-ring/ )◆大変お待たせしました。◆極悪守銭奴裁判官のお話。◆ハンマー。◆今までの曲→ mylist/52984185 :01|2011年06月13日 05:29:52 投稿

English Lyrics (translation by animeyay):

[Once in the Union State of Evillious,
there was a man who raked in personal profit from the governmental court.
His name was Galleria Marlon,
also called the "collector" by the later generations.]

["Now let the trial begin."]

[Chapter One: The Corrupt Judge and His Sullied Court]

The judiciary system is so tainted here,
that a defendant's charges are based solely on the level of his wealth.
[laws, justice, litigation, judgment, plaintiff, defendant, innocent, guilty]
I, the Master of the Court,
seek after not justice or righteousness, but money.
[hearing, witnesses, indictment, dismissal, cross-examination, defense, prosecution, summons]

Even if it's the most atrocious scoundrel,
as long as he pays up, I will gladly spare him.
After all, money makes the mare go.

I couldn't care less about
their looks, age, ethnicity, or gender.
[bribing, false evidence, bribery, false indictment, deceit, power, pack of scoundrels, corrupt officials]
What's important is whether or not they have enough money.
That's all that matters.
[money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money]

Your life is in my hands.
If you wish to be spared, then cough up the coins!

That's right, your charges are at my discretion,
at the mercy of my judgment of corruption.
If you truly wish to be saved from the swamp of false charges,
then hand over more of that money!

[Chapter Two: The Girl of a Miniature Garden and the Vessel of Sin]

I need money
to cure my daughter's handicapped legs.
[accident, mother and daughter, untreatable, hope, magic, "Ma", a friend]
Once I have assembled seven vessels of deadly sins,
my wish will surely be granted.
[contract, devil, collecting, vessels, revival, regeneration, necessary, cost]

At today's court, too, where misgivings unfold,
the evildoers snicker while the innocent weep.

That's right, your charges are at my discretion,
at the mercy of my judgment of corruption.
In order for my own long cherished wish to come true,
I must continue wielding my gavel of injustice.

[Chapter Three: The Beginning of a Civil War and the End of His Judgment]

A vicious general who slaughtered countless innocent people
of course should be sentenced to death.
However, I was bribed into
proclaiming him innocent.

The people's outrage brought forth an uprising.
That general was killed anyway,
and his dead body left in the wilderness to rot.

[E.C. Year 983, 8th Month
An internal unrest broke out in Leviantha.
General Ausdin's brutally murdered body
was discovered in his backyard.]

The brunt of the rage, however, is directed at me,
and the people set my house ablaze.
Oh, my beloved "daughter",
as long as we're together, there's nothing to fear.

In the remains of my burned-down house, you'll probably find
the lonely corpses of a parent and his child...

[Chapter Four for Death: Master of the Hellish Yard and the Final Judgment]

When I have come back to my senses,
I find myself alone at the gate to the netherworld.
Am I going to Heaven or Hell? The one deciding that will be
the Master of the Hellish Yard.

Even if it's the most atrocious scoundrel,
as long as he pays up, he will be spared.
After all, money makes the mare go, even in Hell.

I whisper into the Master's ear:

"I'll never hand over my money to the likes of you."

Immediately, my body is plunged through the gate,
and falls towards the bottom of the abyss.

That's right, your charges are at my discretion,
at the mercy of my judgment of corruption.
Therefore, I will not allow anyone to judge my sins;
I will not approve any judgment against me.

That's right, some time in the future, I will once again
gather the fragments of the deadly sins into my hands.
By that time, Hell will probably have become
a Utopia for my daughter and me...
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