Corneel Canters Quartet

Groningen, Ne
Artist / Band / Musician
Psychedelic / Jazz / Lounge
Corneel Canters Quartet - A Movie for your Ears!

CCQ is an acronym for spontaneous musical creativity. All our music is jammed from the top and so is the band: drummer Corneel from Groningen and guitarist Dennis from Bremen knew each other from the studio-project Smack! and decided they wanted to do some freak-sessions. Dennis knew organist Sören and bassplayer Jo from their work with the beat band Teenage Music International and so a line-up was complete for the first session.
This session took place at the Hörwerk Recording Studio near Bremen, which is partly owned by Dennis, and we recorded all our stuff on a vintage Telefunken M15 two-track reel-to-reel tape-machine.
After listening back to the tapes a decision was made: the Corneel Canters Quartet was born!
A few weeks later we did a second session, and again spontaneous sounds and instant compositions emerged.
We have collected the best gems from these sessions for the release of our forthcoming debut album. We are planning concerts in the Netherlands and Germany.
To understand where this psychedelic mod jazzsound comes from, we have to go back in time:
Jo has been a beat and RnB bassist since the late 70s and has played his Framus basses in such notable underground ensembles as The Ballroom Stompers, Wetherbys, Joe Q. and the Dynatones and Teenage Music International. In the latter he playes together with organ wizzard Sören, who has also been touring with the German ska band Schwarz auf Weiß with whom he has made several albums.
Corneel has been playing drums and percussion in various bands and orchestras, has written classical arrangements for the music of Frank Zappa and Igor Stravinsky and has been a producer of Hip Hop and Techno Music as alter ego Kyn Si.
Dennis plays lead guitar in the neo-psychedelic-mod-band Psychodaisy and spends most of his time as producer and recording engineer in his Hörwerk Recording Studio.
CCQ is jazz by way of soul, virtuosity at the service of groove, head message by way of heart-to-hearting.
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