The Cornbred Blues Band

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Psychobilly / Folk Rock / Soul
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The Cornbred Blues Band is one of Knoxville's premier and award winning blues fusion bands, incorporating elements of blues, rock, rockabilly, psychedelia, punk, jazz, and traditional Afro Appalachian folk music combined with rythmic and verbal explosions that whip a crowd into a frenzy in a style that encompasses all stages of this area's rich musical and cultural heritage. The band is formed around the nucleus of a wandering, dejected old soul singer trapped in a hillbilly's new world of economic hard times. Part philosopher, part ethno-musicologist, part preacher, and part lost fruit of the American Dream looking for its roots and a home where there currently is none.
The essence of the musical meanderings come to the very heart of the fact that modern commercial music in no way satisfies the needs of the modern human spirit. Modern music has become the device which separates us along racial and cultural lines and we seek to bring us back together with the power of music. If you don't like the fruit, get down to the root of the problem and shake it on out

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