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I've been incredibly busy writing songs over the years and i've managed to get lucky with some major artists and a plethera of artists who you'll probably never hear of as well. To name a few that have recorded songs of mine:
Celdus T Judd
Daryle singletary
Rebecca Lynn Howard
TG Shephard
Johny Lee
Bill anderson (with Jordainaires)
Jeff Cook
(2011) - theme song for TOMS WILD LIFE on GAC
- UNLIKLEY ANGEL - single release for CASH CREEK
- UNCOUNTRIFY ME - single release for BARRY MICHAEL
- ASK ME IF I GIVE A DAMN -single release 4 LUCAS HOGE
- Thinkin' bout you - single release for Allyson Mcbryar
- HOW WAS I TO KNOW - single release for Lucas Hoge
(#2 on Inspirational Country charts - power source)
(2010) - theme song for LAST CHANCE HIGHWAY on ANIMAL PLANET
Jason Jones - "UNLIKELY ANGEL" - debut single 2009
(2008)-co-wrote Smalltown memory lane on GRAMMY winning album "Come share the wine" Jimmy Sturr
(2007) - did the soundtrack for the independent comedy film BIRTH OF A LEGEND. wrote or co-wrote 19 of the 20 songs.
(2005) - Lucas Hoge - SMALLVILLE - "If only i could" - featured in season 5
"HEROES AND ANGELS" - chosen for theme song at World War 2 Veterans Conference in Los Vegas 2009 and is currently the offical song of HEALTHNET (sponsor of a great portion of military events.
more artists who i've been blessed by recording songs of mine :
Barry Michael, Cash Creek, Brooke Morton, DC Riggs, Richie Fields, Ray Whitlock,Lloyd Knight, Whiteacre, Kyle Wyley, Adam Tucker, Sandstone, Trailer Trash, Cook and Glenn, Darren Warren, Beckey Burr, Brad Henley, Amy Mcallister, Justin Ryan, Jessica Dean, Sara Adams, Tyler Walker, Liquid Fire, Deanna Denning, Britney Warthen, Nikki Britt, Sister Act, Anna Reynolds, Brody Taylor, Mathew Gary, Adrianna Freeman, Melissa Wray, Matt Chapel, Megan Mcgovern, Theresa Marie, Tony Bridges, Tyler Walker, Valerie Borman, Soap Box, Simone De, etc.
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