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Coffin Break played our first show in 1987 with NOFX at the Community World Theater. We played countless shows around Seattle in places like the Vogue, Squid Row, The Central Tavern, Rockcandy, The Offramp, The Crocodile Café, The Moore and one of my favorites-the OK Hotel. We ended up doing about 15 U.S. Tours, 3-4 Canadian tours, and a couple in Europe. We got a chance to play with many bands over that time including Bad Religion, the Melvins, Big Drill Car, Social Distortion, GWAR, Agnostic Front, Sound Garden, Nirvana, TAD, Moral Crux, Dagnasty, D.O.A., No Means No, Goo Goo Dolls, Bomb, Sick of It All, Biohazard, Surgery, Cows, The Lunachicks, Mudhoney, Unsane, The Offspring, L7, Primus, 7 Year Bitch, The Gits, Poison Idea, Leeway and many others I can’t think of. We played our last show with The Supersuckers at DV8 sometime in 1993. COFFIN BREAK BROKE UP IN 1994, however we did recently do a reunion show (August 2007) called Geezer Fest 2007 at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle. We played about 16 songs and had an amazing time. Written by Peter Litwin

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Concert footage and interviews of Coffin Break can be found in the documentary HYPE, which chronicles the Seattle Grunge scene. Concert footage and interviews of Coffin Break can also be found in the video magazine Video Sheet Metal which includes live footage and interviews of Sound Garden, Pantera, Jane's Addiction, and others.



Here is a article from the All Music Guide Coffin Break page.

Seattle hardcore metal-heads Coffin Break made their mark on America in the late '80s and early '90s. They shied away from the grunge trend of the Northwest, instead drawing their inspiration from punk. C/Z Records proved to be their biggest supporters, issuing three of their albums and reissuing their first two albums as a single disc. The band issued their first two albums, Psychosis and Rupture in 1989, featuring David Brooks on drums, Peter Litwin on guitar and vocals and Rob Skinner on bass and vocals. The albums did well enough to earn them a major-label contract, leading to two releases on Epitaph, Crawl in 1991 and Thirteen in 1992. Simultaneously, C/Z Records released a singles and outtakes collection, No Sleep 'til the Stardust Motel, but after this spate of releases the band would produce no more new material. ~ written by Stacia Proefrock for the All Music Guide (Yahoo Launch)- Click here for All Music Guide Coffin Break page which includes the videos for the songs "Our World Now" and "For Beth".

Immediately after Coffin Break split, Peter Litwin went on to form the very heavy SOFTY with members of Gruntruck and Hammerbox. SOFTY put out a 7" on Seattle's Y Records and released a full length CD on Negative Feedback Records. SOFTY called it quits about 1998. After a long musical hiatus, Litwin is back making music in the band PLASTER featuring members of RC5 and The Jet City Fix. PLASTER formed in 2004 and released a 7'' record on FLOTATION RECORDS. PLASTER recently finished recording a full length CD with producer Steve Carter (Himsa, Aiden, Cradle of Filth); Plaster's "New World" CD is set for release January 2009.

Rob Skinner went to form the catchy and melodic POPSICKLE with members of the Gits and Alcohol Funnycar. POPSICKLE released two records on Seattle's C/Z Records. Skinner also played live and recorded with Jack Endino's Earthworm.

David Brooks went on to play drums in The RC5, The Bratz, and Big Grizzly.

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"OUR WORLD NOW" video (from Epitaph album "Thirteen")

"PSYCHOSIS" video (from C/Z album "Psychosis")

SHEET METAL Video Magazine - Live video and interviews

"FOR BETH" video (from Epitaph album "Crawl")

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