Coconut Coolouts

Party Pig Island, Washington, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hawaiian / Tropical / Classic Rock
Haunted Horse, Xeroid, Heads Up!, Seeing Eye
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"I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)" b/w "Purple Haze"

An anti-LSD classic backed with a psychedelic freak-out with back masked guitars. Shitty cover art by Harry. Be sure to listen for the toilet flushing in our studio's "vocal booth" at the end of "Purple Haze." Red or blue print--say so if you have a preference. $6 PPD.

"We Drink Blood" b/w "Nerd Holocaust"

A-side is about teenage angst/love. The B-side is about killing nerds. As a bonus there's a funky song about shotgunning beers. It's actually an ode to May '08s "shotgun heard around the world." $6 PPD.

coconut coolouts music video from craig downing on Vimeo.

Buy our stuff: Coconut Coolouts, Party Time Machine - Digital Album
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