London, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Dub / Jungle / Melodramatic Popular Song
Bullfrog Beats,-30,Earwax,Disfigured dubz,Ringo,
"Cluekid has been a prominent and well respected producer on the Dubstep scene for some years now and at the ripe old age of 21 has already produced some of the biggest tracks on the scene to date. Cluekid has collaborated with Skream on 'Sandsnake' to debut Skream's own imprint 'Disfigured Dubz', aswell as Cotti with 'Sensi Dub' and 'Legacy'" :(Soul Jazz Records Review, 2009)
"As a drummer as well as a producer, Cluekid can use his rhythmic skills, to drum patterns on the keyboard. As a producer, he also felt dubstep was lacking the epic, rave pads-- probably as a sonic legacy of the UK garage scene which wasn't ecstasy-lead. With the three elements re-combined, old became new in a dubstep context."Ever since I started making dubstep I've always liked jungle," he explains, "so I've just tried to bring that sound into it." :(Martin Clarke interview on Cluekid, LD and Jungle, Pitchfork Features, April 2008)

Ld Vs Cluekid - Jay's Reese
"Ruuudebwoy anthem alert!!! Two of dubstep's finest go toe-2-toe on a pair of rinsers with a proper 'ardcore attitude. 'Jay's Reese' is as simple, yet deadly effective, as they come, using a swollen beast of a Reese bassline and slashing breakbeat edits to rule the 'floor for six solid minutes. On the flip 'The Intro' turns again to London hardcore jungle circa '94 for a more stepping pattern with potent bassline spillage and the sort of ultra-precise drum finish that you'd expect from cats of this calibre. A reet shockah, get on this!"- (BoomKat Records 2010)

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