BRONX, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Soul / Hip Hop / R&B
INTRODUCING: SIR-PRIZE: The Boogie Down Bronx's new " gift " to Hip Hop, and it's not hard to see why. SIR-PRIZE first gained respect with his Gymnastics talent. He won medals, hustled by the statue of liberty entertaining
making sneaker and video game money. He was also the neighborhood gymnast which all came to a end when he was hit by a car " THE END OF GYMNASTICS ". . By the age of 14 entering high school, he was around the Hip Hop scene DJing with a crew " Tape Master crew ". They were playing at clubs and local house parties so he was always into Hip Hop and other music that moved the crowd.
The path he was on never was easy, in fact it was a struggle. Being born the only child and growing up in his grandparents house listening to the top old school songs, the Hip-Hop vibe grew into his blood. He began writing
going by the name T-SMOOTH and getting into cipher's with some of the other mcs in the school he attended, Washington Irving. They would have cipher's from the lunch room, in front of the school to on the train rhyming from 14th street to 125th street. He became focused and formed a group called " T.H.U.G
( Time Has Us Grounded ) Committee with some neighborhood friends as a mean of gaining experience. It was not a complete failure, considering they earned respect performing at showcases, the group was not exactly what he was destined for. In 1998 he signed with Paragon MGMT. but he felt they wasn't
benifiting him so he asked for a mutual release from the contract and it was granted.
By 2000 he came up with the name SIR-PRIZE and got in a multi media zone appearing all over from showcases ( Club Downtime with Promo Radio, Mental Supream Training Camp Showcases, Club Wild Bills Hip Hop Coalition in
Pittsburgh ) just to name a few. On a constant grind in 2003, he appeared on Amateur Night At The Apollo twice performing his hit single U.S.A ( Un-Signed Artist ). He began recording his own mix tapes Titled U.S.A ( Un-Signed Artist ) the catalog. Part one was his album featuring his daughter Jayda. He started sending his cds to Record pools, Record Labels as well as Radio. He became Artist Of The Months on 1 internet radio. He was charted in the top 100 and was rewarded his own Radio show " Clocktable Radio ". which also was part 12 of the U.S.A catalog. Hiphopfriendsonline was 2005 Silver Mic Award Winner for outstanding achievements.
In 2005 he made it in the Zurich Switzerland news paper titled " THE UNSIGNED HYPE ". His music was rotated on online-radio stations through out the internet like ( 91.9fm street fm., Corzradio, The FBI show, Promo
Radio with Mr. Raw and Jessy Jess, etc. ) He landed a article in " Xplosive Magazine " the 2007 April Edition. He did Televised Public Access Shows and also had a few broadcast interviews. With the mentality of not giving
up he appears now as a " Marketable Beast ". He believes he has something that the world can adapt to and appreciate from a artist with style, knowledge and originality. A true dedicated MC I introduce to you, Hip Hop's new gift " SIR-PRIZE " SCE-U!!!!

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