Cliff Crash Cody

Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Acoustic / Country / Southern Rock
Cliff Cody grew up in the West Texas oil town of Odessa, the town that was featured in the movie Friday Night Lights. He moved to Nashville in 1995 after a brief stint at Southwest Texas State, where he majored in keg parties and rugby. Coming home with a stellar 1.1 GPA one semester later.

After living in Nashville for 4 years with no success, Cliff went back to school and became an RN. Settling in Ohio, he soon realized that songwriting was still in his blood. While attending a songwriter’s retreat in Wyoming, he met one of his songwriting heros D. Vincent Williams. His encouragement put Cliff back on the songwriting path and he began making the 6-hour journey to Nashville every other week. His persistence paid off when Cliff was discovered by EMI Creative Director, Tom Luteran at the 2004 Songwriter’s Symposium. He was signed by EMI in 2005.

Cliff's first cut soon followed.Cliff's song Chasin Whiskey was recognized as one of the highlights of Julie Roberts critically acclaimed album “Men and Mascara” by Rolling Stone Magazine, Barnes and Noble Review, The Washington Post, the Philadelphia Enquirer and the Nashville Scene.

In 2006, Cliff was commissioned by the Ohio Governor’s campaign to write the campaign song for now Governor Ted Strickland. The song, “Ready for the Change” was used at rallies, fundraisers and blaring from the cars in parades all over Ohio.

Presently Cliff has a song due to be recorded by the ACM nominated duo Halfway to Hazard for their sophmore album due out in late 2008/early 2009! Cliff wrote the song with Halfway to Hazard and the band sang it as their closing song while opening for Tim McGraw on the Live Your Voice Tour this past summer!

Cliff’s blend of solid talent and amazing personality on stage helped him become a favorite on the singer/songwriter circuit in Nashville and at the coveted Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West.

Cliff lives with his wife Amelia and daughter, Veronica (8) in New Lexington, Ohio…and any couch he can find in Nashville.
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