Chubby Behemoth

Brooklyn, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician

"Enter locals Chubby Behemoth, a [six]-piece that spilled off the stage and into the audience. Good thing, too, I don’t think a stage has been built that could hold these guys. They were everywhere, the violinist spazzing out like there was a mosh pit in his pants, the guitarist screaming “fuck you guys, fuck you all!” at the audience in between songs, the saxophonist looming and swaying like a chubby behemoth himself. To call the band awful, terrible, the worst thing you’re likely to hear without dying from an aneurism afterwards, would not only be a gross understatement — it also would be a compliment. These guys want to be terrible; their playful hatred and disdain of the audience, themselves and their instruments is merely a front for actual, deep-seated hatred and disdain of the audience, themselves and their instruments.When three of them tried to take over the mic in an all-out scream fest that defied the laws of harmony (and of physics), the audience couldn’t take it and bum rushed the stand to sing along. It was a cluster-fuck of screaming, overturned chairs, foggy glasses and a conspicuous can of Sparks. No wonder these guys are crazy.If I hadn’t been wearing earplugs my brains would have probably dribbled out. Quite literally, this band was the most offensive thing ever, and further proof in the nonexistence of a benevolent god. Then they gave out cupcakes." - Impose Magazine
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