Chronic Heist

Danvikstull, Stockholms län, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
Melodramatic Popular Song / Psychedelic / Glam
Tell Me That You Love Me / Carcrash Records

The guys in Chronic Heist (from Stockholm, Sweden) gathered their musical tricks in post-hardcore bands like Jr Ewing, Trapdoor Fucking Exit and 8 Days of Nothing. Chronic Heist, however, differs very much from those previous bands, not approach-, but sound wise. With Chronic Heist they took the winding road to 'free dudes'-state. After their impressive, debut album their new songs take 'it' further and sound even more 'out there' in a solid way. What this 'it' is is hard to describe. Chronic Heist passionately plays a modern version of '70's art/krautrock that's dynamic and nervous, yet raw and stiff. It's progressive spaced out glam or suburban goth (like they describe their music themselves) that was directly implemented into the 'here & now'.

The title track 'Quick fix with Repairs' immediately kicks in with loud electronic piano's and psychedelic bass riffs. It's a great song with even greater hooks that combines the best parts of the songs on their first album. The B-side 'The Brighter Lights' has an odd, meandering atmosphere. You can feel the tension rise and fall until the sound erupts, scatters and fades away.


Known for their bombast of Albini-esque drums with slinking guitars and clever lyrics and vocals only like Swedes can do. It's true! For fans of Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave, and the art of the "melodramtic popular song". This is their debut album made in the northern lands and originally released on Tell Me That You Love Me records from Göteborg.
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