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WELCOME to the myspace of Texas Legend CHRIS WALL. This page is not maintained by Chris, but he does read the comments regularly, so if you've stopped by, say hello!

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In a era where cliches dominate every publicity bio and country wannabes desperately try to establish their credibility by citing their “influences”, Grammy-nominated songwriter Chris Wall doesn’t even bother. He doesn’t have to. In review after review he is cited as “The Real Deal”. If that weren’t enough one needn’t look past the faces on the packed dance floors of the western honky tonks he plays, nor past the lips of the dancers singing along to every single word. Perhaps one quote from a truly legendary Texas songwriter sums it up best:

“In this lawless terminal age where music is made for the sole purpose of creating revenue for corporations, Chris Wall is a cowboy savior/hero/poet who with his words and music gives us redemption from the atrocities of this illusion that is presently known as country music.” —Ray Wylie Hubbard

With the long awaited release of his sixth album Just Another Place, Wall continues to plow new furrows into the rich ground that is country music. Never one to spend much time in the past; here he reaches for a new take on the oldest of country themes, heartache, loss, failure, and how he deals with them. By writin’ songs. This newest project was recorded during the course of three uniquely different sessions over the span of four years.

'Just Another Place' succeeds in revealing the genius of this gifted cowboy songsmith. Wall’s poignant tales of his personal highs and lows are set to a background of stellar country that is tailor made for both dancers and thinkers. This one-time ranch hand, history teacher, bartender, football coach, actor, and current record label owner also produced his latest record.


"I guess my odyssey began on a front porch in Montana many miles ago, listening to Uncle Bill's old Zenith. It was here I first heard the siren's song--country, blues and opera on Saturday, all mixed up with the whine of the big rigs on the four lane headed to Billings, and the moan of the Burlington Northern on the rail going west. It all conspired to lure me onto the lost highway, which I was amazed to find ran right in front of our house. I take a look across my back fence now on down the khaki main street of my dusty old one bar town and I notice the past has become a very distant country, and old loves are just another place you've been" --Chris Wall

Chris wrote a number one hit recorded by Confederate Railroad, "Trashy Women."

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