Chris de Burgh in concert - The Road To Freedom Live - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 24, 2012
#chrisdeburgh #theroadtofreedom
The road to freedom Live. Full concert
Track List:
1 When Winter Comes
2 The Road To Freedom
3 The Same Sun
4 Five Past Dreams
5 Natasha Dance
6 Lebanese Night
7 A Rainy Night In Paris
8 Songbird
9 St.Peter's Gate
10 Medley
11 Snow Is Falling
12 Borderline
13 Sailing Away
14 The Words 'I Love You'
15 The Lady In Red
16 The Journey
17 Living In The World
18 Read My Name
19 Don't Pay The Ferryman
20 High On Emotion
21 The Snows Of New York

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. The audio content doesn't belong to me I don't make profit out of this video, I do not own copyright of the photos, they are from the web. This is purely for Entertainment...
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