Chris Henderson

Georgia, US
Artist / Band / Musician
R&B / Hip Hop / Alternative
Gifted Source Music Publishing/EMI Music/ASCAP
Wordsmith, beat banger, businessman and frequent flyer. I thought that explained it all but people keep asking me what it is I do so I guess I have to make it simpler. I am a songwriter and a music producer first and foremost. I do both very well so I'm free to do a complete song, write/arrange to outside tracks or do tracks for other writers to jump on. I play whichever role is needed for the given situation. I'm not a manager but I am building my production company so I'm interested in collaborating with and/or developing talented producers, songwriters, engineers, and vocalists. I'm also interested in networking with motivated executives, marketers, promoters, managers and interns. I'm relatively new to the ATL area so I'm still building my people resources. It's been 2yrs roughly & It has been nothing but love in my new home so far. I'm real slow to post new songs on myspace but bear w/me, I'll start leaking stuff more often (for shorter periods)for those who are curious . I try to answer everybody but give me time b/c the box gets heavy when I'm not on for a while. It's an exciting time out there in the industry, full of new challenges, let's bring in this new era right. Stay blessed.

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