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BLAQ-INK/GSP..if not blaq ink.its not important
Chip-fu is no stranger to the realm of hip-hop music. As a radical member of a platinum selling hip-hop group the fuschnickens, his intricately interwoven flow left us all light-headed, exhausted and wheezing for more. Get ready to inhale again, cuz Chips back with a breath of fresh air for the entire industry.

The trials and tribulations of life, love and music helped Chip conceive his latest project titled M.A2.T.H. (Music, Appreciation, Art, Time and Healing) -The new ciriculum. Though his style remains on the cutting-edge of hip-hop, as a solo artist Chip has much more room to be creative. Reggae music is evident throughout the entire work and Chips natural talent interblends both worlds instinctively.

As a solo artist, I am finally able to appreciate dimensions of creativity. This allows me to introduce other talents, he says.

After collaborating with Shaquille ONeal on the platinum selling album Shaq Diesel, Chip gained a stronger sense of passion for the music business. This led him to establish his own company BLAQ-INK Entertainment.Chip states " ive done songs with everybody from Queen latifah to Shereefa(DTP) so i figured i should start my own company". The production team gives up-and-coming artists direction and an avenue to cultivate their abilities as performers.

Wisdom and responsibility also leads Chip to speak on two important topics: the paths he chose in life and the musical roads that need to be repaved in the industry.

Music should be seen as a never-ending jigsaw puzzle composed of intricate cut outs, says Chip. The artists goal shouldnt be to fill the board with the same pieces the object of the game should be for an artist to find his or her own niche and interlock accordingly.

Additionally, Chip touches daily issues which are not necessarily the wish lists many artists prefer to muse about.

People are in tune with an artist who epitomizes truth music music that stands the test of time, he states. Everyone can appreciate and relate to matters of the heart, soul and mind.

And this album proves Chip remains on the pulse of the industry as an original forerunner to hip-hop as well as a paradigm to reggae music.

Along with BLAQ-INK and GSP , alliances for this project include heavyweight producers Ali Shaheed (Tribe Called Quest, Lucy Pearl, DAngelo), K Gardner, The Are (Russell from K-Otics), Budah(bustah) Needlez (50 Cent, Ludacris), S-1, Illmind (5o cent), Apathy, Beatminers (Blackmoon, Boot Camp Click), slopfunkdust , Kkut, vitamin D, kay of the foundation,Blackmilk(Monch), and others.

While working on his album, Chip made time to contribute to other artists projects. Not only was he highlighted on Ali Shaheeds CD Shaheedullah and Stereotypes, he was featured on the 2005 Tribe Called Quest North American Tour Hes the only guest artist on Mint Conditions Living the Luxury Brown and has done several shows including the 2005 Essence Music Festival to support their project. Chip is also featured the Summer 2005 Underground Compilation with Jamaican recording artist Hawkeye and singers Slick and Rose. He appears on The Art of One Mind (featured with El Da Sensei), which was also released in 2005.In 07 he appeared on the remix for "where are they now" by NAS.He also introduced a different side of himself to the game by singing a reggae song called " love me sensi" (on the come around riddim) the song and video became an instant smash and is still gaining momentum .He also formed a new crew called JUNGLE ROCK and goes by the nick name JUNGLE ROCK JR. Chip states " jungle is the sound and the Rock is the foundation " so every body get familiar!! Now in 08 Chip has been called on to lend his vocals on many songs such as Nicolay and Kays TIMELINE album and PETE ROCKS NYS FINEST.

Chips concerns with life, death, family and the industry are apparent with every track. Those familiar with the lyrical antics and oracle style weve grown to expect, respect and love from Chip will not be disappointed by this solo debut project.
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