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Nothing was planned, nothing was decided before. I just started because of some chemical attraction, something in my DNA. It usually happens to those who grow up in a certain environment and have a role model, even if you won't do the same things this role model used to. You got it inside or u dont.

My father started playing the bass at the age of 13. Different era, different sound, different music, different instruments. When i was born in 1982, he was still playin the bass with his group, and when i grew up, i used to help them setting up the instruments on stage. I was a kid, it was a game.

I was 12 when i first put my hands on a keyboard. It was and still is a M1 Korg. "She" let me play all the tunes i used to hear on the radio, especially Radio Deejay: that was italian dance music from the 90s. My father showed me the MIDI system, as i was introduced to the beatmaking world. Dance, techno progressive, techno trance, drum'n'bass: that was my sound. All made it with MIDI and a soundbank. I have never had an AKAI sampler.

Time passed, and i met Zapan in 97, a very talented guy. He introduced me to the amazing and mysterious world called Hip Hop: me and Zapan, together, were and still are the Darkanoise. A real friendship lasts forever.

After chosing Zed as a street name, the "Chemical Studio Productions" saw the light some years later.

Three albums later under the sign of the "DaN Empire", Darkanoise had to take a break and follow different directions.

Its 2001. The Chemical Studio recorded his first solo album, called "Comin From Tha Future". In 2002/2003 calling in some friends, the CSP produced "Me and my Soul", playing different genres, such as rnb, crossover, rock, rap, funk.

Then I had to move to Milano, where i stayed at my cousin Novalis house for a couple of months. I gave this deejay he knew a demo of the best songs i ever produced until that year, and guess what, nothing happened.

In 2004 I was pm'd by this guy called Gep from Enmicasa on Dj Forums, as i was one of the moderators and former webmaster of

I met Enmicasa and Produzioni Oblio in February 2004 at Psycho Realm/Sick Symphonies show in Milano, gave them my demo, and was contacted a couple of days later for a collabo.

Enmicasa released the single "Controvento" in 2005, featuring the b-side track "Leave me alone" which showcases the production and rhyming ability of Zed as well as a testimonial of Enmicasa's global following delivered by Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill.

In 2006 Produzioni Oblio released on iTunes the hit single "Mayday" I produced. Mayday video has been aired on Rapture (All Music) and HipHopera (RTL 102.5), two of the most famous music channels in Italy, after Mtv.

In the meanwhile, Dj Muggs was playing some of my MashUps on his radio.

It's 2007: Senza Respiro was released on March 2nd, distributed by Universal Music Italia. Indipendently produced by Produzioni Oblio, this masterpiece is the first european album which features B Real and Eric Bobo from the LA-based legendary hip hop group Cypress Hill. As for the italian collabos, im very proud to introduce to you Club Dogo, Marracash, Vincenzo, Vacca, Mighty Cez, Loco and Not Welcome.

B Real and Eric Bobo, which means 50% of Cypress Hill. I met the crew in 2004 in Arezzo, Italy: Muggs let me in the bus and introduced me to B, Bobo, Sen and Estevan Oreol aka Scandalous. Muggs took me with him on stage during the soundcheck, and let me stay with Estevan during the whole show. It was like i was living one of the millions of dreams i had till then.

I was with my favorite crew, watching their show from their stage, in front of 15000 people, rapping the same rhymes i used to rap everywhere i went. But i wasnt satisfied, i needed something else.

Now i have my beats and rhymes distributed in my country by one of the most famous Labels worldwide, and have my favorite rapper and musician in 3 different songs that i made.

I cant be more happier and satisfied than I am right now.

After the album release, Enmicasa decided to shoot a street video of our reggaeton song "Ferro e Fuoco"; then, produced the dirty south beat for Tave and his "La mia Alfa". We have a rap remix of "Leave me alone" for Lame's mixtape and a rock remix (Zapan remix, he played the guitars and assisted in mixing and mastering) of the same song included in RockSound Magazine sampler cd.

Starting from September 2007, "Live by the code feat B Real" is available on iTunes worldwide: album version plus a special dirty south remix.

On April the 29th 2008, one of the most important italian newspapers "La Repubblica" post on his website an article about Enmicasa song "La Gente Fa" feat Club Dogo, Vincenzo da via Anfossi and Marracash.

The writer completely misunderstood the meaning of the song, saying that the "Boss of all Bosses" mobster Matteo Messina Denaro (which is still a fugitive) is seen as an idol by the group.

Consequently, according to the article, the whole young italian generation might follow the same philosophy.

Enmicasa and the whole Produzioni Oblio family disapprove and disagree with the writer and explains it all on

CSP's beats are sold in Mexico and the United States starting from November 2008: Pon el Tema is featured on Sekreto's debut album "En Tu Area" and Ink On The Concrete - previously released on "Senza Respiro" - appears proudly on Eric Bobo's "Meeting Of The Minds" album.

The Chemical Studio has been workin on side projects and collabos, producing beats and rappin with keen (Audio Hustlaz / Subliminal Orphans), Sekreto, Loco, dj Sdong, la Casa del Phonky and the homeboy Zapan.

Los Angeles, April 2nd - June 28th 2009: it has been a pleasure workin with B Real and the Audio Hustalz at Temples Studio. And its a real honor to be named as a "family member". I also had the pleasure to engineer, mix and master "Getaway", keen's official album that features B Real, Sen Dog, Ill Bill, TRT, Young De, DJ Starscream, me and many others. I met some good people on the west coast, i wanna thank keen, B Real and the Audio Hustlaz, Danny and Sekreto for their help and friendship.

On April 3rd, 2009 Street Code feat B Real & Zed is on "Fast and Furious, only original parts", the movie. worldwide.

I just wanna say thank you to those who allowed me to express my own feelings thru the music, which could be good or bad music, but its always an expression of myself.

My Family, my Love, Zapan, keen, Enmicasa and Produzioni Oblio, Cypress Hill: if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt be writing all these words on myspace.

How to contact me:


AOL: zreal10

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