Skillet - Whispers in the Dark [2014 "Cellofourte" Version] - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 28, 2014
This is my Version from "Whispers in the Dark" [2014 "Cellofourte" Version] by the band "Skillet".

"Night of the Violin" is sometimes another remix album by another band. Skillet is one of my bands I like to listen to. String Orchestra I listen to quite a lot of time, be it from composers or Cover Verionen of rock bands. Cellofourt is a good band and the interpretations of the band Skillet are really good. So I verknüfte these two bands in an album.

Titel: 01.Whispers in the Dark [2014 "Cellofourte" Version]
Artist: Skillet X Cellofourt X Chazy Chaz
Album: Night of the Violin
Year: 2014

Skillet / Hey You, I Love Your Soul / Invincible / Ardent Worship / Alien Youth / Collide / Comatose / Comatose Comes Alive / Awake / The Early Years [1996–2001] / Awake and Remixed EP / Rise / Vital Signs (Best-of-Kompilation) / Unleashed

All rights by Skillet and Cellofourt
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