Ced Hughes

Virginia Beach, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Electro / Experimental
Ced is Hughes.
Bio's are always awkward when you write them yourself, don't you agree. With That said I guess I am in need of one so I will give you a run down of my origins till now. I'm 25, and for the past hmm, I'll say 3 years I have been seriously attempting to do this music thing for a career. I decided the other day I would like to be a musician or ninja. Anyways I've released two projects "Ced and the Technicolor Soundwave" AND "What Up Tho". I signed a production deal with A dude from On Smash and Plain Pat whilst recording the latter, which didn't work out as I imagined but, a lot or good things came from it.
I've done countless shows up and down the east coast all the way to TX. Never got paid much but it was definitely good times. I have opened for a bunch of acts Talib Kweli, Meth and Red, Murs, Hieroglyphics, The Pharcyde and Shwayze to name a few. Oh yea I produce as well as emcee. It helps cut out the middle man.
Blah Blah Blah Been on a bunch of blogs, Okayplayer, 2dopeboyz, Onsmash of course, Nah Right, DiscoBelle, Palms out and so on. Right now I'm gearing up to release at least three projects in the next three months so I have been super busy. What else, I like french fries and Mountain dew amps, they are my downfall, cinnamon toast crunch is also my jam. I type how I talk and Vice Versa. I share custody of an all black cat named Jesus Alowictzh the third, we call him Jezzy for short. I'm from a small County in population but big in area called Currituck, in North Carolina. Its basically VA though were I currently reside at now. When I First started rapping it was a hobby. I wanted to go to the NBA and all that jazz. Then after I dropped out of ECU I decided I wanted to be a "professional artist" but not super famous. Well that changes everyday. But that is what it is. My Bio.
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