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The band has recently released their third full-length album, "Love Battle". Now
vocal harmony and instrumental arrangements built from synthesizers and percussion
play a major role over guitar-oriented sounds. This new record has led CatPeople to a
significant change in their career, characterized by a left turn to upbeat compositions
full of emotion.
"Love Battle" is being well received by music press. The band has featured again on the
cover of "Mondosonoro" magazine (April 2011), and this summer they played
at major international festivals such as FIB, BBK live, Low Cost, etc. Evidence shows
that CatPeople lived up to general expectations again.
In April of this year the band started their road show, and the rocking energy radiated
from the latest repertoire is being also reflected on stage. Furthermore, a new percussion
player participates in live shows in order to intensify their strength as live artists. These
new songs together with singles from previous albums, such as "Mexican Life," "Sister"
and "Radio" make CatPeople live shows a unique experience from beginning to end.
In May 2011 CatPeople hit the news again with the release of their third LP. Besides
the album's release, this new turn in music style caused great stir among the media,
emerging as the most important month's release for its jovial and brighter tunes with
regard to previous songs.
"Love Battle" consists of ten tracks setting a turning point in CatPeople's
discography. The album gives proof of the band's new experimentation with
surrounding music influences and their pursuit of perfection as songwriters.
The recording opens with the title track "Sorry," used as promotional single, which is
characterized by the presence of African percussion instruments and a catchy chorus
melody that hints more upbeat live shows. "Fat Rat" is another outstanding track
that combines former CatPeople guitar sounds with dazzling percussion rhythms – a
personal imprint extended to other songs. The album's most acoustic song is "Secret
Life", genre they have dominated since their beginning.
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