Catfish Haven

CHICAGO, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Soul / Indie
Secretly Canadian
photo by Jim Newberry

catfish haven is the missouri trailer park george hunter grew up in.

catfish haven the band is soulful howling over an acoustic guitar turned way up.

hopeful yearning for better days echoed through amps and a drum kit.

What the Press has been saying about CATFISH HAVEN:

“Tuneful, passionate singing, lucid songwriting, and engaging riffs” -PITCHFORKMEDIA.COM

“(Catfish Haven) possess equal amounts of backwoods authenticity and cosmopolitan flair. They may harvest most of their mojo from south of the Mason-Dixon…but they bleed metropolitan with undeniable garage-grime charm and power-pop arrangements reminiscent of the Strokes…Hunter's worn-in croon wraps itself around lyrics with whiskey-soaked ease.”

- Spin

"This is soul music for future generations of rowdy rustic types.Catfish Haven have put together a mighty portrait of a band musically going for broke."

- CMJ magazine

"The most promising new act on the Secretly Canadian roster is Chicago's Catfish Haven"

- NOW Toronto Magazine

"…their music eschews hipster irony for earnestness, channeling Buddy Holly and Del Shannon… a band with both heart and soul, both of which are the only true benchmarks for rock & roll longevity."

-All Music Guide

“…Chicago-based trio delivers soulful rock music that's actually soulful…If you sing along to the Black Crowes, Otis and CCR whenever they show up on the radio and also dig Palace and the Detroit Cobras, this might be your favorite new band.”


“…Catfish Haven's boozy bar rock retains its tattered edges. Singer and guitarist George Hunter channels the rough-hewn romanticism of early Van Morrison…Like a lazy weekend spent drinking tallboys of cheap beer, Tell Me passes by unhurried and unencumbered… With this kind of throwback rock, simple isn't stupid. It's a virtue.”

- Playboy
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