Cas One The X's - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 13, 2012
This is a song I did that doesn't have a home yet. It's a re-do of the XX intro. Sad lovers unite! LYRICS! I wanna take away your skin see you inside out,
Place a hand on your mouth just to muffle the sound,
Till I feel you out I'll kill the feel for now,
And Im down, down just a little too much,
Cause maybe us wasn't much but I thought it all wrong,
All along I was songs that I never meant to sing,
A letter to disease where the header's all you read,
I hate it that it never got to breathe but it's better,
Dancing in the weather like it didn't change,
Wore my ego like a sweater and you show your fangs,
Such a waste of a pretty face dancing through her days,
Like a maggot to the pain Im a monster in her maze,
Took the halo of her head placed it underneath the bed,
You aint a demon but I don't see your angels,
Im sleepin, so I don't see your angles,
I'll hear it in the morning how you're mourning what you said,
But Im bored with regret ignore all the rest,
You're a whore for the un-important-ness,
This is every song I never wrote that you wanted,
I hope you love it, It's every part you never trusted,
On the lustful tip I regret all of it,
Just a scar in my garden to nurture and forget,
Never thought you were a person to stab through the ribs,
But it's perfect because I see your version of bitch,
I won't never say bye because I don't have to,
You wont never have to worry that Im mad at you,
I practice my mood like Im glad Im past you,
Because it's past due, I just needed to say it.
All the things you were saying just to bait me in,
Never changed ME just YOU in my eyes,
You're a liar and I'm just a fool surprise....
Or maybe not...I just had you different in my eyes....
And its..short because it was short....
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