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Buzzkill is dead but The Dead Reckoning is alive!

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Having read a bunch of bile inducing bio's in my time writing one for some one else should be easy right?all i have to do is mention that the band has been in 'Kerrang', and maybe if they're really underground in 'Big Cheese', maybe they have supported some frat rock shit some major label is pimping as punk, hell maybe they have even scored a number one in some fucking MP3 chart only they know maybe i should just write stuff like that about Buzzkill.Fortunately one major thing separates Buzzkill from the masses of bands that write me that shitand that is that Buzzkill are actually a great band. Shit you should know about the'kill.

1) Buzzkill, for the most part, hail from Leeds, giving them a good head start in any scene point stakes.

2) They play what i guess is rock and roll, but not that fruity shit the Swedes in suits play, fast fucked up punkrock and roll that makes kids dance and scenesters flip their bowl cuts.

3) They have what annoying retards refer to as 'horns and shit', that means a saxophone and trumpet, but you can leave your braces at home rude boy, they aint ska.

4) When they play live they are real fun to watch, they play like they want to be there.

5) Their influences range from the Sonics, to Refused, to Green Day, to Elvis, so saying they sound like Rocket From The Crypt is really just a cop out.

6) They are genuinely nice, funny guys, always polite and helpful, and never pull pseudo rock star shit.

7) They have released a bunch of demo's, a split 7'' with a cowboy (as in from the wild west, not a shoddy worker), and have just put out a CD on In At The Deep End Records.

8) They have recently toured Europe, where they went down so well a German gave one of the boys a hicky on the face, germans love the Buzzkill.

9) They are not the band that used to be on Alternative Tentacles, they wash too regular for that.

10) The dude who put out their last record had to remortgage his house to do it, so not only should you buy it because it rocks, but also because making another guy homeless just puts another Big Issue seller on the street to hassle you.

Adam AKA Spite -

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