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Button*Masher is no more. We had a lot of fun and love everyone who supported us. We will still use this page to promote our individual projects as they come to fruition.

Again, thanks everyone! <33333

Check out B. Lush's first couple of tracks on the site below:


Button*Masher is a two piece coed band based out of Louisville, Kentucky whose sound will mash your buttons

harder than a nymphomaniac at prom. Formed in 2004, Button*Masher has spent the last few years perfecting their

craft in live imagery, electronic composition, and song writing. While the most viable description of their

sound is "Electro-Rock", it has evolved to encompass much more than this including: Cabaret, Glam, Dance, Pop,

Industrial, Hip Hop, and Classical. With a tenacious desire for making their live act more than just your

stereotypical stand-and-play rock show, Button*Masher has forged a colorful blend of live antics and crowd

interaction. While only playing a limited amount of shows, they have created a local hype and shared the stage

with the likes of: tUB rING, Foxy Shazam!, Femme Fatality, The Revenants, Gaj Mustfa Cell, Vampire Squid, and


Currently Button*Masher is hard at work recording their debut album in Chicago with Rob Kleiner (tUB rING).

Containing around 17 tracks, the album is expected to be released late this summer RAEP with a supporting tour

following shortly after.

Rape The Digital LIVE!!1 @ The Bluebird in St. Louis

Check out our Youtube Channel!

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