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Who is Brice Davoli ?
Who is Brice DAVOLI?

Brice DAVOLI is a 28 years old composer, arranger and producer. He lives in Paris in France. Brice has started music at 8 years old, learning classical piano and singing. At 14, he began to study classical composition with Fran�oise Levechin (CNSM of Paris), and specialised in the 19th century, the romantic period, studying the work of composers such as Berlioz, Beethoven, and later Ravel, Debussy, Prokofiev, Poulenc.
From 18 to 21 he studied music at the French University "la Sorbonne". Interestingly, during all those years he got deeply interested in rock music. The bands he got interested in at the time were Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen, Radiohead, Nirvana, and Metallica. At the same time, he played the keyboard in a metal band called "Shrike" which had no success but was a great and fulfilling experience.
Recently, Brice has composed the international teaser of the french tennis open Roland Garros 2008. He has also composed the music of three short films for RENAULT car company (under the directive of Publicis agency), which introduce the new Laguna Coupe, and the music of a short film for the american jeweller John Hardy.
He composed the music of commercials such as Omo's (broadcasted in France and the UK), Hygena's and radio Leroux' ad, among others.

He also composed the music of many tv shows and documentaries (broadcasted on France2, Canal , M6, La Chaine M�t�o, Arte).

He often composes libraries for an international publisher, his music being used around the world in commercials, movies, and soap operas.

Brice composed some music of the movie "C�libataires" (directed by Jean-Michel VERNER, starring Guillaume DEPARDIEU.)

He worked with Pierrick LILLIU (SONY-BMG), Chim�ne BADI (UNIVERSAL/AZ), Cl�mence ST PREUX(M6 Interactions), Jenifer (UNIVERSAL/MERCURY), Ginie Line (UNIVERSAL/MERCURY), Jonathan CERRADA (SONY/BMG), Mario PELCHAT (VIRGIN/CAPITOL), L5 (UNIVERSAL/MERCURY - M6 INTERACTIONS), Liza PASTOR & Amaury VASSILI (UNIVERSAL/AZ - Etoile MUSIC), MAM (M6 Interactions), Benoit POELVOORDE (Fid�lit� Production), "Belles Belles Belles" � l'Olympia (GLEM), Oph�lie Winter, J�r�my CHATELAIN He composed musics for the movie "C�libataires".
Brice belongs to a team : Quentin Bachelet (Producer/Composer), Christian Lieu (Pro Tools Engineer/Programmer/Mixer), Jean-Marc Bena�s (Guitarist/Producer/Composer)
Brice has been working for three years with the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra on pieces that he composed and arranged.
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