Brian Lynn Jones

Los Angeles, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Country / Rock / Americana
Rock 'n' Tonk Records
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Brian Lynn Jones & The Misfit Cowboys

First of all. let me answer a few questions you might have: I am newly engaged as of Dec. 15 and couldn't be happier! YES!, that is me singing on the songs you hear on my page. YES!, I did write or co-write all of the songs you hear on my page. YES!, we have a cd available at: (our "official" website or click the link above) or my online digital music store: or, or Please go to our "official" site: for any and all information on myself, the band, our music, cd, photos and merchandise questions that you might have, that aren't answered here on my myspace page, and make sure to sign up on our email list to recieve weekly info on our live dates and tour schedule. Now. a little more about.ME! LOL!_________________

Brian Lynn Jones is a country boy from Oklahoma. Singing since he could talk, music has always been an important part of Brian's life. He grew up listening to a vast array of music, with country being his family's favorite. A steady diet of George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Charlie Rich, Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, Tom T. Hall, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, David Allen Coe, and Glen Campbell as well as rock and pop artists, Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, Kiss, The Pretenders, REO Speedwagon, The Who, and of course Elvis Presley amongst countless others, filled the airwaves in his family's home and cars.

Starting with the piano and trombone, a bass and guitar finally became the love of his life. You can feel his soul in his bass lines and in his music.

As a boy in Moore, Oklahoma, Brian played in numerous bands, often composing many of the original songs himself. By the age of 16, he was in the number one band in Oklahoma, as voted by JAM Magazine. The two years following brought the same accolades with his follow-up bands. Yearning for greener pastures, Brian moved to Southern California, where he has been entertaining ever since. Ever the performer, the year 2000 found Brian traveling the country with the Radio Disney Band, and the self penned 'Don't Come Back Cryin' To Me' on the popular daytime soap All My Children. Not too shabby!

He is ever the free spirit, and always up for a good/wild time. He is neither Angel nor Devil, but wears his halo somewhere around his waist like a belt. He is a good man with a boy's sense of wonder and awe at the world and life around him. Taking it all in to create the music he does.

The prolific writer and performer, Brian has released a much-awaited project, with his band "The Misfit Cowboys". Having written or co-written most of the tunes on the project, He terms as "Rock 'n' Tonk Country Music', it is a sure bet that this CD 'NOWHERE TO BE FOUND' will win the hearts of America.

----------Jim Berault - fellow songwriter and friend__________________________


It's rockin', honky-tonkin', finger pickin', chicken lickin', greasy electric guitar, bass a-pumpin', drums a-thumpin'. It's pedal steel with a bluesy feel, strummin' mandolin, sawin' fiddle, moanin' squeeze box. It's head boppin', foot stompin', drivin', dancin', smokin', drinkin', thinkin' of your girl (boy, husband, wife), home, family and friends. It's knee slappin', toe tappin', hand clappin' earth shakin', booty quakin', laughin', cryin' in your beer, not givin' a damn. It's black and white, wrong and right, day and night, outta-site. It's smooth and rough, soft and tough, things you love and other stuffIt's not perfect, but, close enough. It's livin', dyin', and always tryin', makin' love and satisfyin'. It's your first kiss, wedded bliss, your best friend's good-lookin' sis, and other things that are hard to resist. It's give and take, shimmy and shake, always real and never fake! It's tight jeans and boots, bolo ties and Nudie suits. It's short skirts and high heels, the way love makes you feel, a royal flush on your first deal. It's pretty eyes, little white lies, a lover's sighs. It's nice legs and a smile, class and style, a great feelin' that stays with you a while country music!!!."at least to me, that's what it is!" - B.L.J.

Click Band Name Link Below To Order Our CD: "NOWHERE TO BE FOUND"

Brian Lynn Jones & The Misfit Cowboys
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