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Big Ball - Black Jack - Releasing Eskimo - KenRock
"These rare Europeans have the uncanny ability to blast a riff into dust, sniff it up and sneeze it out like a fire breathing fygar. If you haven't had a dose, get experienced right quick. Their Burning Hell LP would be a good start if it were still in print, it's a distorted funhouse mirror of noisy calamity, burnout pyschedelia, and retard in pain pyrotechnics." ------- "The Brainbombs must lace their snuff riffs with devil dust because they have the insidious ability to infect your consciousness with an unrivalled vileness. There's no doubt that disease cums easy to these sick erotic Swedes who're obsessed with sex and death. This collection of singles displays why the Brainbombs are one of the best bands of the decade in the debauched song-writing dept. They keep it simple, stupid, and plug right into your primal surge socket like a syringe full of death-wish brand heroin. The lead singer should be awarded the chinless skull with oakleaves for his convincing vocals that work menacingly well with the music to convey the madness of the burning hell eating up his substance-abused mind. The guitarists seem to have harnessed the shadows of hellfire in his scintillating strings and the music is best served with hash and nitrous." --------------- Greg Chapman, UGLY AMERICAN
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