Celestogramme - Bos Taurus - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 04, 2015
From Celestogramme’s new album Wish Vehicles. All songs by Amanda Lindsey, copyright 2015 In Situ Records.

Recorded and mixed by Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium. Mastered by Emily Lazar, assisted by Chris Allgood.

Bandcamp http://celestogramme.bandcamp.com/
Director, DP: Zoë Dehmer http://www.zoedehmerphotography.com/
Editor: Johnny Gray
Colorist: Ben Coffman
Visual effects: Mark Eaton
Styling, Make up: Juliana Aul
Bioelectrical engineer: Lexi Colvin

From director Zoë Dehmer, the music video “Bos Taurus,” from Celestogramme’s newest album, Wish Vehicles, explores the underlying goal of all ritual — transformation. Drawing upon common iconographic elements of ancient Minoan religion, “Bos Taurus” explores the multisensory ways we both reconstruct the past and imagine and amplify it in novel ways. The transformative act in this video, based on rituals of the Minoan civilization in 1500 BC, presents a symbolic "taming" of natural forces. We hope to illuminate some of the ways these elements — the snake, double axe, and horns of consecration — could have been employed in personal contexts. The divinity is approached through wild animals, which simultaneously fill one with both desire and fear.
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