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Born in the Flood evolved from a little town of 2,700 people named Hermann Missouri. Also check out "The Wheel", Nathaniel Rateliff's solo project. For complete disclosure of our lives as told by the press, google us, or take a look at some of the quotes below. official dot com:

"…these Missouri-bred transplants are breaking hearts and building momentum with an anthemic guitar- and keyboard driven sound that cribs liberally from the finest moments of Britpop, indie rock, and post-punk. Think of them as a more rugged Coldplay." - SPIN MAGAZINE (Sept 2008)

"…the quartet has settled on a lofi guitar rock sound that nods to Neal Young and his stylistic descendants My Morning Jacket." - RELIX MAGAZINE (August 2008)

"'If This Thing Should Spill' is as intense as the title implies, brimming with complex emotions and gargantuan arrangements. Rateliff's arching, aching voice delivers literate lyrics that speak to much bigger topics than boy-meets-girl or boy-am-I-blue. " - BILLBOARD MAGAZINE (June 2008)

"…something about 'If this things should spill' managed to bring every element of the band's brilliance- earthiness, vulnerability, heartbreaking truth- to the foreground all at once." - THE ONION

.""If This Thing Should Spill" sounds as fresh and engaging as when it was written. Rateliff's superhuman howl defines the group's sound, which draws the intimacy of confessional indie folk into a blistering rock arena fit for U2 or Radiohead."


"Denver's Born in the Flood has managed to rise above emo-rock clichés with music that is powerfully emotional without wallowing in self pity." - BOULDER DAILY CAMERA / DIRT

"Sorrowful, charging and hypnotic. " - SYNTAX

"Anthem" and "In Debt to the Heart" were used in recent episodes of One Tree Hill. we used to have clips below, but they were removed for copyright infringement. they can be found though.
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