Bombshell Rocks

Västerås, Sverige
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Punk / Rock
Combatrock Industry
Before playing under this name, the group was called Down and Out. They did not waste much time and in early 1996 they came up with their first output Who's the Real Bastard, a mini album with six tracks on it and in 1997 with an EP called Going Up Going Down which were both released on their own label Noiseline Rec. 1998 Sidekicks Records signed them and released the Underground Radio MCD. In 1999 it was time for Bombshell Rocks debut album Street Art Gallery. Short after the debut Richard Andersson left the band and was replaced by Ola Hjelmberg. At this point Swedens biggest punk rock label Burning Heart Records took an eye on them and their unique Rancid influenced street punk sound. After an extensive touring phase e.g. with Millencolin, Dropkick Murphy's, 59 Times The Pain, US Bombs, and many more in Europe, USA and Canada they entered in 2000 the studio to prove that their debut wasn't a one-shot. On Cityrats And Alleycats Bombshell Rocks went on with their raw, fast, and highly energetic punk rock but this time the production was quite better. Maybe a result of their decision to work with the same guys as they worked with on Street Art Gallery: Mieszko Talarczyk (Nasum) and Mathias Färm (Millencolin) as engineers and producers. Tours & support for main acts like Blink 182, Millencolin and The Offspring followed. In 2002 they recorded their 3rd studio album From Here And On at the famous Tonteknik Studio in Umeå, Sweden (where Refused laid down their classic The Shape Of Punk To Come) and followed their path of political motivated punk rock anthems. At this time Ola Hjelmberg had left the band and the original guitar player Richard Anderson returned to the band. When Mårten Cedergran decided to concentrate more on his career as a tattoo artist and left the band in 2003, guitar players Christian Määttä & Richard Andersson picked up the vocal part so the band could go on as a four-piece. With The Conclusion in late 2005 they really proved to all the critics out there that they can stand without their original singer. Since 2012 Mårten Cedergran is back in the band.
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