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"Back I looked on years spent and all the things I've seen.

'Cause I'm so much older, you must know what I mean.

I've learned from those days, both good and bad.

Thinking back on all those times I had."

In the summer of 1989, Bold played their final show ever, marking the end of a five-year career that established the New York City Straight Edge powerhouse as one of the most definitive hardcore bands of all time. From their 1986 debut, "Join The Fight" EP (released under the name Crippled Youth) on New Beginning Records, to 1988's acclaimed "Speak Out" LP, and their post-humus "s/t" EP '89 (both on Revelation Records) featuring the addition of Tom Capone on guitar, Bold left behind a well-documented and highly-acclaimed vinyl history, as well as a stand-out live reputation that marked the band's progression from a young and unruly, straight-forward thrash band, to a technical and introspective hardcore band, with telling signs of the post-hardcore movement to come.

Extensive touring across the U.S with counterparts such as Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge and Supertouch, established their fan base throughout the country and set Bold apart from the pack. Drummer Drew Thomas went onto provide the beat in Into Another, axe-wielder Tom Capone set the tone in Quicksand, and singer Matt Warnke has fronted One Sided War and Running Like Thieves.

Well over a decade later, BOLD is still the pinnacle band that epitomizes the spirit of an era in hardcore - and it is time for a rebirth.

"Listen, listen, learn to listen. Think of what you now are missing.

.It's time for you to wise up."

Stay tuned
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