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Alternative / Electronica
Hey fellow myspace cadets! My name is Cathy and for the early part I grew up in Japan, listening to Pink Lady (70's pop but ahead of their time).if I can only take one album to jail, then it's got to be OK Computer and Secrets of the Beehive - I know that's two but I'll smuggle them in.

I have a very eclectic taste in music and can't mention all the artists/songs/albums I like on here, it's rock, reggae, ska, blues, jazz, drum & bass, techno, hip hop etcfor me but no trance or cheese!! I love Blur too and was very lucky to sing on one of their tracks, if I'd known it was them before I got to the studio think I would have bottled it :) Classical wise Beethoven, Debussy and Holst.

Stress Pill is the collaboration between myself and the very talented Rowan, who has programmed/engineered for some legends like Mike Scott, DJ Shadow etc.along with some other very talented musicians including Marc Meon. A lot of good times, but mostly we squabbled till the early hours to create these songsso please sit down calmly, take a stress pill and I hope you enjoy listening to them and we'll upload others every so often. Thank you for coming along!

L.O.L Cathy xx

p.s. the pictures are of Miss Mango "Penelope" Chutney, she's one hell of a gorgeous pooch but rubbish with other dogs :(
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