Blossoming Noise

Atlanta, Georgia, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Jazz / Disco House
Blossoming Noise
Independent avant-garde record label specializing in the highest calibre lowest arts through restrictive, self-indulgent, fine art, & fetish editions. Oppressive musics.

BN001CD Aube, Chain [Re] Action (2005)

BN002CD Merzbow, Bariken (2005)

BN003CD LHD, Young And Restless (2005)

BN004CD K.K.Null, Prime Radiant (2005)

BN005CD Artbreakhotel / Graham Moore, Split (2005)

BN006CD Sudden Infant, Invocation Of The Aural Slave Gods (2005)

DL01BN Pulse Emitter, Different Waves (2005)

BN007CD Daniel Menche, Flaming Tongues (2005)

BN008CD Merzbow, Senmaida (2005)

PYG01VIN Joke Lanz Und Rudolf, Liederliches Und Nichtiges Von Joke Lanz Und Rudolf (2005)

BN009CD K.K. Null, Ergosphere (2006)

BN010AEBOX Merzbow, Turmeric (Artist Edition) (2006)

BN010BCD Merzbow, Black Bone Part 5 (2006)

BN010BOX Merzbow, Turmeric (2006)

BN011CD Sudden Infant, Radiorgasm (2006)

BN012CD Francisco López, Absolute Noise Ensemble (2006)

BN013CD RYKE, Resuscitation (2006)

BN014CD John Wiese, Black Magic Pond (2006)

BN015CD Z'EV, Symphony 2 - Elementalities (2006)

BN016CD To Live and Shave in L.A., Horóscopo: Sanatorio De Molière (2006)

BN017CD American Band, American Band's First Album (2006)

BN018CD Keiji Haino | K.K. Null, Mamono (2006)

BN019CD Dave Phillips, A Collection Of Curses (2006)

BN020CD Thurston Moore, Flipped Out Bride (2006)

PYG02VIN Dead Machines, The Night Callers (2006)

PYG03VIN Thurston Moore, Flipped Out Bride (2006)

PYG04VIN Aaron Dilloway, Rotting Nepal (LP, Ltd, Red) (2006)

PYG05VIN Dave Phillips & John Wiese, At A Loss For Words (2006)

BN021CD G*Park, Seismogramm (2007)

BN022CD Val Denham & Oli Novadnieks, Raw Powder (2007)

BN023CD Thee Majesty, Vitruvian Pan (CD, Album, Ltd) (2007)

BN024CD Merzbow, Zophorus (CD) (2007)

BN025CD Astro, Astral Orange Sunshine (2007)

BN026CD Daniel Menche, Bleeding Heavens (2007)

BN027CD Mama Bär + Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Il Portale Delle Indipendenti (2007)

BN028BOX The New Blockaders & The Haters, Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren + Laszlo Toth, Gentle Hammer (2007)

BN028CD The New Blockaders, Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren (2007)

BN029CD Blind Cave Salamander, s/t (2007)

BN030CD White Mice, EXcreaMaNTRaINTRaVEINaNUS (2007)

PYG06VIN Prurient, Adam Tied To Stone (2007)

BN031CD Absolut Null Punkt, Absolute Magnitude (2008)

BN032CD Miss High Heel, The Family's Hot Daughter (2008)

BN033CD Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo & Ernesto Tomasini, Canes Venatici (2008)

BN034CD Alan Courtis, Unstringed Guitar & Cymbals (2008)

BN035CD Zbigniew Karkowski & Damion Romero, 9 Before 9 (2008)

BN036CD Sudden Infant, Psychotic Einzelkind (2008)

BN037CD OvO, Rmxd By Daniele Brusaschetto (2008)

BN038CD Marcia Bassett / Carlos Giffoni, Organized Anatomy (2008)

BN039BOX Francisco López, Nowhere Short Pieces 1983 To 2003 (2008)

BN039LIM Francisco López, Nowhere Short Pieces 1983 To 2003 (Artist Edition) (2008)

BN040CD dead peni, 2 - 4 + 1 (2008)

BN041CD Suishou No Fune, The Gold Labyrinth (2008)

PYG07VIN Yellow Swans & Burning Star Core, s/t (2008)

BN042LP Merzbow, Microkosmos | Volume 1 (2009)

BN043CS Merzbow, E-Study (2009)

BN044LP Justice Yeldham/Dave Phillips, Two Thousand-Five (2010)

BN045CS Z'EV / Bryan Lewis Saunders / Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau, Der Muter Objekt Fur Die Hunde (2010)

BN046V Skills/Faces, DVD (2010)

BN047CS Merzbow, Collection 4 (2010)

BN048CS Merzbow, Collection 5 (2010)

BN049CS Merzbow, Normal Music (2010)

BN050CS Merzbow, Flesh Metal Orgasm (2010)

BN051BOX Kapotte Muziek, Twenty Five 10CS Boxset (2010)

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