Blood Cat Love

Los Angeles, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Alternative / Rock


Watch Bloodcat Love "Dirty White Fingernails" directed by Jordan Levy

Directed by Jordan Levy

We're five guys that are from all over the place. One of us is from New Zealand and another is from Sweden or Finland… somewhere where they use big clubs to sort out drunken disputes and design furniture with assembly instructions without words on them.
During our somewhat emotionally unstable beginnings, we enlisted the help of a band of equally unstable Australians called Jet to record our first EP [done so in two bedrooms, a living room and a pool room]. They're sweet lads who took us out on the road with them for a bit, letting us drink freely from their more indulgent rider.
We've also toured with OK Go! who conversely, are quite stable, gentlemanly and pretty swift at a game of table tennis.
Other bands that generously let us share a stage with them have included Autolux, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Horrors, Giant Drag, Dead Meadow, Whitey, She Wants Revenge. Along the way, we may have broken the odd mic stand and fallen off a few stages, but it was merely a lame attempt at pre-rehearsed 80's rock maneuverings designed to garner a "buzz".
We like music of all creeds and denominations from Television to Eartha, Richard Hell to Sam Cooke. Anything that can make you dance your ass off the table, get you to drag out a hula hoop and a gazoo, cut a decent Macarena, or grab someone's hand you don't know and wield a smile.

"One of the best L.A. indie bands of '06" - L.A. Weekly

"Bloodcat Love @ Spaceland. Make eyes at other young fashionable hipsters tonight at Spaceland with Bloodcat Love and a heathly consumption of alcohol. Someone will definitely get laid." - In Flight At Night

"The antic sultriness of Bloodcat Love, with their suspended hooks and gravelly crooning shot through with guitar-riff gold" - Flavorpill Los Angeles
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