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Black Star Foundation is a record label from Malmö in the south of Sweden. We've been doing the label since 1999, you can call us a punk label if you want to. At least we are working that way. We are all from a punk/hardcore background and the most important thing why we are doing this label is to combine music with Politics.

As you can read in our label name the black star is a symbol for Anarchism. We consider ourselves to be anarchists, not all artists on the label needs to be so, but we prefer them to at least have certain common goals why making music.

We are doing this because we really enjoy it, its a lot of fun to run this label, and we also know about the importance of more "underground"(punk, indie, hardcore, etc) labels to be around, since all of us also plays and have played in several bands. Our bands would have never released any song at all if it hasn't been for labels like mentioned above.

This is our way of giving something back to the music scene where we come from.

Thank you for checking us out!




09/23 - International Theatre, Hangzhou

09/24 - VOX, Wuhan

09/25 - New Little Bar, Chengdu

09/26 - MAO Livehouse, Bejing

09/28 - S Club, Dalian

09/30 - Iron Age, Guangzhou

10/01 - Hang Out, Hongkong

10/03 - The Wall, Taiwan/Taipei

10/04 - Midi Festival, Zhenjiang

10/05 - Theatre, Shanghai


25/9 - Vinylbaren, Malmö

26/9 - Prinz Willy, Kiel (D)

27/9 - Pony Bar, Hamburg (D)

28/9 - Pools, Göttingen (D)

29/9 - Dock4, Kassel (D)

30/9 - BLA, Bonn (D)

1/10 - ExHaus, Trier (D)

2/10 - Fatal, Landau (D)

16/10 - Hagateatern, Göteborg


Oct 09 Meeths- Göteborg

Oct 23 Skylten- Linköping


22 okt - Uppsala - Grand

23 okt - Karlstad - Tolvan

30 okt - Trollhättan - M15

5 nov - Malmö - Arena 305

6 nov - Sölvesborg - (TBC)

7 nov - Jönköping - Insikten

12 nov - Göteborg - Meeths

13 nov- Huddinge - Huset

14 nov - Eskilstuna - Balsta

20 nov - Örebro

the Preacher & the Bear

Oct 21 Café Berlin, Vasagatan Göteborg

Oct 27 La Orient Linköping

Oct 30 Intakto Gävle

Nov13 Releasefest på kulturhamnen with Old Kerry Mckee

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