Sarah Mclachlan Black and White with Lyrics - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 24, 2012
Sarah Mclachlan Black and White from her album Surfacing... With lyrics.

Some have commented that a couple of the words may be inaccurate. Rather than post what I think they are, I posted what several lyric sites claimed them to be. One or two words are suspect to be inaccurate... I suspect the word "distant" may actually be "twisted" and "feel" may be "fear". I'm not certain. What I posted was verified through several sites. I chose not to post my own guesses. Rather than criticize this minute detail... Please just try to enjoy the song and the slideshow that I created in my attempt to capture the meaning of the song.

Some of the photos are pictures I took and some are ones I pulled from the net. All of the landscape photographs and sunset pictures are mine apart from the computer generated one with the meditating lady.

I claim no rights to the other photos or to the song. I hope you enjoy.
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