MESHUGGAH - Perpetual Black Second - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 27, 2010
I do not take any credit for this song. I only uploaded it so people can enjoy Meshuggah's epic music!


Trapped in a ceaseless fever of spite,
an unending fit of resentment and anger
Caught in a moment of unforgiveness
In the snapshot of a hate filled second
The speechless flickering of uncomprehending eyes
Dilated in disbelief
Your vacant gaze distorted
Twisted in its accusing glare
Teeth glimmering in emotional rage
Spit of hate suspended in mid-air
Bodies strained in fury
Devoured by jaws of despair
One single image frame I wish to forget
now replayed in succession of millions
The one second I will always regret
My hell found in its reiteration
Held within the visualization,
the continuous rerun of my own violence
A fraction of time perpetuated
By my regretful soul animated
Please forgive the evil in me - The darkness within
Ferocious, inherent demon. Adrenaline gland resident
Threatened subconscious snake.
Repressed into striking coil
Surfacing that black second.
Ascending with the boil
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