44 Second Introduction (Steve Cash) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 20, 2008
If I only had 44 seconds to introduce myself to you, this is what I would say. Steve O mutha fucking cash I play guitar I like skateboarding and snowboarding but never get far
I got a million video games and even more DVDS that I never watch or play because I hate my TV I could buy a brand new car instead I'm driving this heap Its not because I aint got money its cause Im so damn cheap.
I got a pretty little girlfriend and a great family too. And a little black cat, but I'll give him to you.... I play the drums and bass and sing Im really just a big old geek..... Baseball cards
playing golf
listening to old punk rock

Etnies shoes,
BSU the
stupid shit that Im into

Mario and
Pirate flicks
Pracitcing new magic tricks

Staying up on my computer ALL NIGHT LONG!

Carls junior
taco bell
McDonalds can go to hell

snickers, mars
black guitars
playing pool at redneck bars

black bandannas
i hate peas
camo shorts and plain white tees
that was just a little introduction to me!
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