Billy Sheehan Bass Clinic Progressive Nation at Sea 2014 FULL - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 09, 2014
It was a real pleasure to have met Billy Sheehan at Progressive Nation at Sea 2014. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could have said, "I got to play on the same boat as Billy Sheehan" but I can.

Bass Clinic Contents:
0 - 1:30 Playing...
1:30 - 2:38 Welcome
2:38 Q&A
2:40 Writing approach - The Winery Dogs

Key points
1) Writing music Organically - Sit down and jam ideas out.

2) Have a large collection of music that you can draw from.

How Peter Gabriel wrote songs.

No calculation, just good writing.

6:40 Playing with Talas
7:20 Scalloped Frets
10:00 Bending in a solo (Playing a keyboard solo on bass guitar)
12:00 Answers about touring
15:00 Playing by ear without knowing a lot of theory
18:00 About Billy Sheehan's Bass Rig
23:05 Touch/Feel on scalloped frets
24:00 EBS Distortion Pedal
25:40 How to maintain bass articulation in progressive music
28:20 Copy written video material
29:00 Name That Tune with Billy Sheehan
30:00 PSMS and The Winery Dogs enjoys playing with them
31:00 Who has inspired you?
35:00 New bass players you like?
37:30 How to work with different people
39:30 Playing...
42:30 Closing remarks

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