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BILLY PIERSON: Dynamic. Commercial. Unique. Little more needs to be said of this incredibly talented and versatile entertainer who can sing the quotation marks off of "Country Music". BILLY is not just another singer with a guitar. He's an entertainer from the moment he jumps on stage until the last chord is strummed on his guitar. BILLY'S powerful, yet smooth vocals slip as easily into a country song as a cowboy slips into his favorite boots. And does it ever fit.

A seasoned and polished entertainer, BILLY could also be a human sculptor.because that's what he does with an audience. He shapes them and molds them and nurtures them with song after song until he has them in the palms of his hands. And once he has them, they keep coming back for more because every person in earshot comes to believe he's singing just to them. High energy and excitement is an understatement.BILLY PIERSON is explosive on stage!

BILLY PIERSON lives to perform. To sing. To write. To make music. To entertain. And he does it with a professional flare seldom seen in the history of Country Music. Music is his life. "I want to move people with my music," Billy says. "That's all I really want. When I'm on stage making people happy or reaching them with musical emotions, then I'm happy. It's as simple as that."

BILLY certainly wears a badge of honor shared by his favorite musical influences: George Jones, Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty and Elvis Presley. And when he performs one of their songs during his performance, the crowds go wild.

BILLY isn't just a country singer or a rock singer or a guitar player on stage. BILLY is simply BILLY PIERSON-Entertainer. He has his own style and his own vocal renditions that are captivating to audiences both live and on radio. He is truly dynamic, commercial and unique. He can capture an audience with his dynamics, ride a horse with the best of 'em, take you on a deep sea fishing trip or chat with you after the show like the boy next door. And that, in this world of entertainment, is unique.

BILLY has appeared with such greats as Tanya Tucker, Tim McGraw, Lorrie Morgan, George Jones, Hank Williams, Jr., Kenny Chesney, Marty Stuart, Hootie and the Blowfish, Tracy Lawrence, Darryl Worley and many, many more! He's an entertainer's entertainer.

Billy Pierson
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