Billy Corgan 2013 Interview on CBS Chicago about Technological Shifts and Cultural Values - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 08, 2013
Posted online on June 7th, 2013

CBS Chicago recently visited Billy Corgan at his tea house in Highland Park, Illinois. In this interview, Billy discusses Madame ZuZu's as an artistic concept that goes beyond tea. He says there are underlying value systems within the business that link to integrity and refined art. He goes on to say that he does not have much experience in the retail sector and that he is mostly interested in the learning process. Billy has a grander vision for Madame ZuZu's future that involves art galleries, fashion lines, design houses and other ancillary ventures. He seems particularly intrigued by the journey that comes from taking big risks. To him, happiness stems from hard work and the satisfaction of exploring the unknown.

He elaborates more on technological advances and rapid cultural shifts. He emphasizes how the speed of modern life is a difficult process to fully grasp and how everyone is trying to adapt to these societal changes as best as they can given the circumstances. He is concerned how society currently values art and how authentic creations are no longer seen in high regard.

With respect to music, he commented how his audience's attention span has drastically changed over the years due to ubiquitous mobile devices. During a shorter interview with CBS Chicago, he said that he used to take this personally and thought about what he was or was not doing to get the audience's undivided attention. He now realizes that it is a much larger and profound issue.

At the end of the interview, he makes an interesting prediction about the future of online search engines. He believes that they will eventually be highly customizable in nature and that people will be able to filter search results according to their own value system and moral compass.
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