QUESTIONS / Thirty Days - Day Fifteen w/Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 27, 2017
Every day on #ThirtyDays, William Patrick Corgan​ is asked a lot of questions. On Day Fifteen, the midway point of the trip, random happenstance created two unique situations. Every day the team does not plan out where we will go or what will happen. No predetermined finishes. This is real. Including a pair of fans who figured out where Billy was broadcasting live on Facebook and found us. What happened next was a life long dream coming true for two huge The Smashing Pumpkins​ fans. Also an unsuspecting Radio DJ in Bay City, Texas was at a loss for word when Billy Corgan strolled by and ended up getting an impromptu interview and asks the question everyone is asking. Will there be a Smashing Pumpkins reunion? Also we find ourselves in unique locations like the train museum in Galveston, TX and a beautiful movie theater that is no longer being used.

If you're enjoying the #ThirtyDays project, please tag 5 friends in the comments who should check it out and share with the rest. We are doing this to help show where America is right now and featuring the country as we see it.
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